Thursday, July 12, 2012

Last Day at Manos de Jesus

Shout out: Today is Chris' 22nd birthday! Happy birthday mi novio! The other volunteer group was at the clinic again this morning. We played a stretching game and then a racing game with the old folks. Then we played a dancing game--I got partnered with Miguel. He is very nice and funny and speaks some English. He was in a wheelchair but we were still dancing better than anyone else! I'd let him spin me around and then I'd turn him around in the wheelchair, and we both attempted to salsa, it was quite amusing. He had a lot of fun :) It was another lady's birthday so she sang us the song of her life--she was pretty good. We then grabbed our patients who needed the wheelchair adaptations. My group had Ofelia, we put her in a pelvic belt that tied behind the chair so she could not slouch and hurt her back. We also super glued a blocker on her foot pedals so her feet would not slip off. All of us girls sat and chatted with Miguel for a while, he likes to play the harmonica. Again, we helped feed the more needy folks and then left for our own lunch. We stopped at a grocery store after lunch to buy some snacks for our rec day tomorrow--we are going zip lining through the rainforest and then going to a beach on the pacific side--so boss! Rachel, Cecily and I worked with Juan and Javier again this afternoon. Juan is a more mobile patient who could use the treadmill and the bike. I got some experience with my stethoscope and my blood pressure cuff. Javier was more compliant today, he made good progress. All of us girls chatted with Miguel one more time and said our final goodbyes to our favorites. I'm definitely going to miss my little old ladies--Lily and Marielos. On the way back to the hotel we got our first big monsoon rainstorm. It was done raining by the time we left for dinner, so we walked to an American restaurant because we were all craving french fries and chicken. We sat around and chatted for a while. Now I'm watching Wall-E on my phone and going to bed :) buenos noches!

Our Marielos!!

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