Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 2 at the Clinic!

We had another tropical breakfast at the hotel and left at 8:30am to go to the clinic. I wore the red scrubs with some big, fun earrings. In the morning, we played some fun, active games with the old folks to get them moving and warmed up. One of the funny old guys kept hitting on me quite a bit and whispering sweet nothings to in my ear. Then he started hitting on Tessa, too! He got in trouble and I switched places with Rhane in the circle. I found out that my favorite little, old lady's name is short for Lilianada. Lily read my palm and Rachel's palm. I don't speak good Spanish, but I think she told me I was going to have seven kids! Screw that! We helped them with their lunch and then left to go have our own lunch at the ISL house. We were served some dark red juice and I took a sip--then our guide said to himself "Mmm blackberry", I was like "Wait, what did you say?!", he said "Blackberry juice", I was like "Oh....crap. I'm allergic!" I didn't know it was blackberry--I don't think I've ever even seen blackberry juice before. We stopped to get ice cream after. Then we visited the Basilica Los Angelos. It's a special church. Each year on August 2, everyone in Costa Rica makes a pilgrimage to this church--most of them by foot or by crawling on their knees. It's a big tradition! When we got back to the clinic, it was serious physical therapy time. Taylor and I partnered up to get Juana moving. She is 102 years old and blind. She did quite well--we got her to walk with us and we stretched her shoulders to improve her range of motion. Taylor and I also helped Tuto do some bicycling and walking. He was very sweet, he kept kissing my hand. He told our guide Luis that he was in love with me haha. After that, Taylor brought some coloring books and crayons to donate. Lily and Candelaria had a very good time coloring with Taylor and me. Later when we got back to the hotel we cleaned up and went out to dinner. It was a 20 min walk to this nice seafood place. I got some fried plantains and shrimp fettuccini alfredo. I didn't have the guts to try the ceviche once I realized it was raw fish and served cold. All us girls got quite slap happy. Rhane even got the octopus! It was a nice walk back. Now I'm online then reading then going to bed. Buenos noches!

Lily and Rachel.

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