Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Soccer on Day 3 at the clinic!

We had our tropical breakfast at the hotel-- they served queso blanco pierogies, too. I also had some awesome Costa Rican coffee! On the way to the clinic, I saw lots of business men on vespas and motorcycles--just like in Italy. It's funny to see them all dressed up and on a bike, not something you usually see in the US. When we got to the clinic, there was another volunteer team already there. They were just a general volunteer team--no scrubs--and they were from Florida. We had the old folks racing (walking as fast as they could) across the room in a sort of game. It's surprising how fast the old folks can move when it's a race and they have an audience! Then it was time for us to play soccer! Every Wednesday a soccer game is put on between the staff and the volunteer team that is there for the day. The old folks like to watch, it's a treat for them since soccer is so big in Central America. The first game was the staff versus the other volunteer group. The second game was girls versus girls, the last game was some girls versus the guys from the other volunteer team. It was awesome, there was Costa Rican music playing and misty mountains in the background. Soccer in Costa Rica--checkmark. It was a lot of fun! I played in the second game and then took lots of photos and videos of the other games. Later, we helped feed some of the less mobile old folks, then left to go back to the ISL house for our own lunch. Lunch was extra good today! We had fish, rice, seasoned veggies, and a beet-potato salad that was a hot pink color, along with bean soup. We had cass juice--cass is a tropical fruit down here--the juice is comparable to lemonade but better! Another new fruit we had today was a sour tangerine--it was the size of a lime, with a yellow and green peel, and orange flesh. It looked like an orange inside a lime, and it tasted like that, too. It was for sprinkling the juice onto the fish. After, we stopped to get smoothies. I got a mango, strawberry and yogurt one. Then we came back to the clinic to cut the materials we bought for the wheelchair adaptations. We apply them to the wheelchairs tomorrow. Taylor, Christina and I worked with Javier and Marielos. Javier we got to walk with us and we helped stretch his arms and legs. Marielos was a very sweet little lady. We got her to walk forwards, backwards, sideways and practice sitting down and standing up with little assistance. Then, we colored with Lily a bit again. Later, we went to an authentic Latin restaurant--I got some yummy nachos. Nachos in Costa Rica--check. It was a very cute place! Now I am online and then reading and going to bed. Buenos noches!

The other volunteer team.

Luis played with us too!


Our mode of transportation for work, rec days, and dinner the nights we didn't walk. 

Juana in the pelvic belt we designed to keep her from slouching in the chair.

Orange inside a lime!

Rachel's name tag.

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